Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2016

Special Winter Chokers (Red Cross Collaboration)

My hometown Kicevo decided this year to be the Grinch  by not decorating the city and steal us our winter holidays festive feelings!
Everyone who celebrate and love the winter holidays have decorated their houses and can also help to decorate the streets so we can get back a joyful atmosphere… at least for the children’s sake.

Sooo… this empty cold town inspired me too, to bring a Christmas atmosphere by creating some cute chokers with tiny embroidered details about Christmas,New Year,snow etc….

Wearing these chokers makes me feel like a Christmas elf helping Santa Clause to remind people to share love,happiness and be kind and brave in this cold world.
And yes!,this world is cold and heartless, that’s why I decided to donate the complete choker collection to the Red Cross in Kicevo to help making someone happy who needs it the most.
Being happy is always a good idea,but helping other people to be happy is better.

Tomorrow 30.12.2016(Friday)at 12:30 P.M. the Red Cross volunteers have organized a little market at the center of Kicevo there they will sale a lot of creative stuff made by the children with special needs and the Red Cross  volunteers. My chokers will also be a part of this charity action.

Go,buy,donate and feel happy about that , because you were born with the ability to change someone’s  life so DON’T WASTE IT!

Christmas Angel Choker

Star Choker

Snowman Choker

Santa Claus Choker

Christmas Tree Choker

Candy Cane Choker

Nutcracker Choker

Moon and Star Choker

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