Freitag, 11. November 2016

Denim Choker Collection

Fashion is fast,especially for chokers.There are a lot of chokers with different designs and colors and that's why I decided this time to create more than only one collection.
 The first collection I am presenting to you is the "DENIM CHOKER COLLECTION".Why wearing jeans only on our legs when we can wear them on our neck too...I mean some parts of the jeans.
This collection includes six chokers which are all handmade and ripped by hand (not by machine)using different shades of denim fabric,and I hope you gonna like them :) 
By the way I would also like to announce that the chokers of my latest collection "Embroidered Bohemian Chokers" are 50% on sale (
Very very soon I'm gonna release the second part of my handmade chokers so stay tuned...

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