Dienstag, 29. November 2016

Inseckt Choker Collection

As promised, here's my next choker collection called "Insect Choker Collection".
This time I created more chokers with different sizes and colors, they have only one thing in common: the crawling insects!
This collection contains four black velvet chokers,two red velvet chokers, two white chokers and two camel color chokers.
 Every choker is hand embroidered with different insect types.
I hope you like my new chokers and wish that no one of you suffers from insectophobia after this....xD

Grey Chi Choker 

Latrodectus Pallidus Choker

Morimus Funerus Choker

Palpopleura Lucia Choker

Libellula Lydia Choker

Pieridae Choker

Deilephila Choker

Orgyia Antiqua Choker

Isoptera Choker

Myrica Choker 

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